Sanitation (Trash Pickup)

$44.25 per quarter

$132.75 per quarter 

Bills are included in the water and sewer invoices and can be paid at City Hall (401 East Main Street, Fruitland, MD 21826) on Monday through Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM. There is a drop box to the left of the front entrance that payments can be dropped after hours. The City accepts cash, checks, money orders, online payments and all major credit cards for payments.

There is a convenience fee assessed on each credit card transaction that is paid to the credit card company. Please call the Finance Dept. at 410-548-2800 to inquire about the fee amount for a specific transaction.

Trash Pickup Information - Special update - posted 11/02/20

  • Schedule
  • Bi-Annual Free Bulk Pickup Dates
  • Disposal of Appliances with Freon
  • Number of weekly collections designated
    • Garbage and trash collections shall be made once weekly from residential dwellings, including apartment units, commercial buildings and other specified unit stops within the city limits of the City of Fruitland.
  • Conditions for collection; compliance required
    • Newspapers and magazines shall be tied in bundles of not more than thirty (30) pounds.
    • Hot ashes or coals in containers will not be collected.
    • Building materials, explosives, poisons, acids, caustics, dirt, sod, stone and metal will not be collected.
    • Garbage and trash will not be collected if in containers larger than 35 gallons in capacity.
    • Up to 5 containers, no larger than 35 gallons, will be picked up on designated day
    • Garbage and trash will not be collected unless placed within a reasonable distance from the curbline of the streets and accessible to the streets but clear of sidewalks.
  • Placement and storage
    • Business and residential property owners utilizing City waste collection service shall place and store garbage and rubbish in the following manner: in a plastic bag that is closed and tied securely and/or placed in a metal or hard plastic container with a maximum size of 35 gallons and having a secure lid.
    • No paper bags shall be used for the placement or deposit of refuse, unless said paper bags are placed in garbage containers or plastic trash bags.
    • Failure to secure rubbish and garbage as described above, or allowing rubbish and garbage to be visible, protrude, leak, seep or otherwise become loose, may result in your trash not being collected.
  • Time of placement
    • For the purposes of City collection and disposal, property owners shall be responsible for placing waste material containers as follows:
    • Trash and Garbage shall be placed for collection by 6:30 a.m. on your designated day.
    • Containers shall not be set out for collection before 6:30 p.m. on the day before the designated collection day. The City will not be responsible for cleanup of debris from trash that has been placed for collection more than twelve (12) hours prior to collection.
    • Trash containers shall not be stored at the street other than on the designated collection day.
    • Trash containers shall be removed from the curbline no later than 6:00 p.m. on the day of collection.
  • Collection of bulk items
    • Refuse or materials other than rubbish or garbage shall be picked up in accordance with rules established by the Public Works Department.
  • Construction debris: All waste material resulting from building, renovation or repair work on buildings by a contractor or builder in the City shall be properly disposed of by the contractor, builder, or property owner and not placed on the sidewalks, streets or curbs for collection by the City.
  • Limbs and branches: No limbs or branches shall be placed on sidewalks, streets or curbs for collection exceeding four inches in diameter and exceeding more than 35 pounds per piece or bundle. Limbs shorter than one (1) foot in length must be placed in a container for collection.
  • Leaves and grass clippings: All leaves or grass clippings placed near curblines for collection shall be placed in baskets, cans or containers for collection and shall not exceed 35 pounds per container.
    • Waste generated outside of corporate limits of the City of Fruitland shall not be disposed of or placed in any container for that purpose within the corporate boundaries of the city.
  • Disposal fees
    • Each owner of a residential unit, business or nonresidential unit which receives City waste collection and disposal services shall pay a disposal fee for such services. The fee is included on the quarterly water and sewer bill.
    • Fees are established by the City Council as part of the budget process.
  • Disposal fees  for appliances containing Freon: A $35 fee (per item) must be paid through the City’s finance department prior to City personnel picking up refrigerators, freezers or air conditioners. This fee is in addition to the regular $35 bulk pick-up fee.
  • Collection refused; subsequent action
    • In the event that any city resident or business shall fail to comply with the conditions prescribed in this policy, by arranging, packaging or placing garbage and trash in a manner not consistent with these conditions, the City may refuse to pick up such garbage and trash. Residents and businesses refusing to comply with the above-stated conditions shall be subject to the procedure for enforcement applying to Ordinance No.301 (Trash Collection Ordinance) which may result in additional fines and fees.
  • Special Needs – anyone needing special services do to a physical handicap please contact the City Manager.

Problem? Call Maintenance Shop at 410-548-2807

Bills are included in the Water and Sewer invoice and can be paid at City Hall (401 East Main Street, Fruitland, MD 21826) on Monday through Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM. There is a drop box located at the entrance of the parking lot next to the U.S. mailbox for after hours payments. The City accepts cash, checks, money orders, online payments and all major credit cards for payments.