Economic Development

  • Investigate grants available for economic development.
  • Work to streamline bureaucratic procedures in securing new business and industry and work with the City and County to streamline permitting processes.
  • Establish a linkage with other economic development organizations in the area (such as SWED).
  • Gather information on development efforts in other communities so as to adopt successful strategies in Fruitland.
 Revolving Loan Fund
The purpose of City of Fruitland's Revolving Loan Fund is to foster the growth of new business and to assist expanding existing businesses within the city limits of Fruitland. Its objectives are to increase the City’s tax base, provide needed services to local residents and to increase the number of jobs in our area. Applicants are encouraged to employ low and moderate income persons residing in the City of Fruitland. 

Contact through Fruitland City Hall @ 410-548-2800